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What Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber-optic internet uses wires made of slight glass or plastic strands to move information as a light flag. This internet service type can bolster high speeds and better unwavering quality looked at than DSL and satellite internet providers. This internet is extraordinary compared to other internet types at the cost, but on the other hand, it is tragically one of the least available.

All fiber-optic internet connections are not equivalent. FTTN to the hub, connections use fiber wires to convey data to a center near your home. Starting here, DSL or coaxial wires may convey the data the remainder of the way. Fiber internet services may provide numerous homes in your neighborhood to a similar hub. Thus, top use time or peak time and distance from the hub can slow internet speeds.

FTTH to the home, connections mean the wires are connected straightforwardly to your home. No DSL or coaxial links are required and shared transfer speed is reduced, bringing about faster speed and connection.

Fiber Optic Providers In US

Most fiber internet services offer speed up to 1,000 Mbps. By utilizing modest strands of glass rather than copper line connections, this internet can give you probably the fastest internet speeds allow your family to enjoy online amusement on more gadgets.

AT&T Fiber

Speeds up to 100 Mbps

Star Rating

Customer Rating (4.05/5)

  • Surf at speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • No data caps
  • 100% fiber network

CenturyLink Fiber

Speeds up to 1000 Mbps

Star Rating

Customer Rating (3.47/5)

  • Speeds up to 1 gbps
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • No price increase and no contract

Frontier FiOS

Speeds up to 1000 Mbps

Star Rating

Customer Rating (3.98/5)

  • High-Speed, Fiber-Optic Technology
  • FREE Wi-Fi Router
  • 1-year Price Guarantee

As indicated by the FCC, about 32% of the U.S. populace is qualified for this internet service. As providers extend their fiber internet networks, an ever-increasing number of individuals will have the option to use this internet.

Availability and speeds displayed are not guaranteed.
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Find Fiber Internet Providers In Your Area

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We put the biggest broadband internet providers to the list. Do they have the speed and data you need? And at what cost? We looked at the speeds, prices, and data of the best internet service providers. Compare between fiber, cable, DSL, and satellite options. We found the best internet service providers based on speed, prices, and data allowance, with some minor consideration for customer service rankings. We broke it down by the type of connection (fiber, cable, DSL, and satellite

Comparison Of Fiber Internet Providers

Fiber is newly introduced so AT&T, CenturyLink, Windstream, and the Frontier FiOS are the providers across the US only. They are expanding their services to cover all the US because right now they are covering some of the areas only.

Providers Starting Price Speed Up-to Learn More
AT&T $40/month 100-1000Mpbs
CenturyLINK $65/month 12-1000Mpbs
Windstream $65/month 6-1000Mpbs
Frontier FiOS $36/month 50-1000Mpbs

AT&T Fiber Availability

AT&T offers these internet options across selected cities in California, Texas, the Midwest and most of the Southeast. AT&T continues to build its internet network in the U.S., so more residents in these regions will soon have access to high-speed internet. In December 2018 AT&T announced new expansion that will include Gainesville, FL, Waco, TX, and other cities

CenturyLink Fiber Internet Availability

CenturyLink Fiber has Internet offers speeds up to 1,000 Mbps in 11 major metro areas in the U.S. CenturyLink gig speeds are available in cities such as Denver, CO, Las Vegas, NV, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, Omaha, NE, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, and others

Frontier Fiber Availability

Frontier FiOS internet is available in areas of California, Florida, and Texas. Frontier Vantage Fiber is available in select cities across the Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, and Northwest

Windstream Kinetic Gig Availability

Windstream’s fiber internet, Windstream Kinetic Gig Internet, is available across 16 states. Cities and towns where Windstream internet is available to include Huron, MO, Concord, NC, Avon, OH and Wake Village, TX.

Comparison Of Fiber Optic Internet With Cable Internet And DSL Internet:

Fiber internet uses thin glass or plastic wires to transmit data so no phone line is required. It is with speeds up 940 Mbps or higher it gives you a high speed and reliable connection. You can stream online shows or can play games without any worries. The Fiber optic cable is light so its data transmit speed is high. The price of internet bundles may be cheaper or equivalent to the cable internet. It depends on the area, provider and the plan.

If we talk about the speed, reliability of the cable internet then fiber internet is way more success. The availability of this internet and cable internet is different. Fiber internet covers only a third of the US whereas Cable internet is available in approximately 88% of the US.
This internet is available in selected parts of the Metro whereas Cable Internet covers all the metro.

DSL Internet is better for lighter internet activities such as streaming in SD, surfing the internet and sending Emails. DSL internet has the advantage of price and availability because the DSL plan is way cheaper and it overs almost 95$ of the US.

Pros And Cons Of Fiber Internet

Fiber Optic is best for streaming in HD or 4K, online gaming and more on multiple gadgets. But here are some advantages too.


  • Quality – Fiber Internet is giving you the best quality as they are using glass wire and they have the fast and reliable speed to perform your tasks.
  • Speed – Its speed is up to 1000Mbps so you can stream in HD quality. It gives you the best download speed.
  • Value over time – The maintaining cost of Fiber optic networks is low. The customer service price becomes affordable with time.


  • Availability – It enters the market a few years ago so its availability is not across the US. It will take some time to expand over the country.
  • Higher Initial installation cost – At the starting, the initial installation cost is high for the supplier and the customer because its cable costs more than the other connections.
  • Home installation requirements – Other DSL, Cable TV internet and telephone connections are already installed in the houses so it is easy to install a new connection. On the other hand, its internet installation, a provider may need to drill your home to install a new connection.

Customer Feedback About Fiber

Fiber internet service providers often rank higher for customer satisfaction than cable. Here’s how the top fiber internet providers ranked in customer satisfaction for 2019, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Best Fiber Internet Providers By 2019 ACSI Score

  • AT&T Internet – 68/100
  • CenturyLink – 58/100
  • Windstream – 56/100
  • Frontier – 54/100

Frequently Asked Question About Fiber

How Much The Fiber Internet Cost?

It depends on the provider and its package. The type of plan and the area decide the cost. You can get it for around $40/month.

Is Fiber Internet Or Cable Internet Better?

Truly yes the fiber internet is better than the cable internet. It is the type of internet you need with the right amount of data as per your choice of plan.

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