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Looking For Best Satellite Internet Services For Your Home?

Are you looking to get internet services for your home but don’t know which provider offers the best services and is available in your area? If your answer is yes then this guide is for you. But before we proceed further, you have to ask yourself what is satellite internet and why should you look for it?

The answer to the first part of your question is that satellite internet is an internet connection that utilizes satellite signals to offer you the sending and receiving of data via satellite dishes. Satellite internet companies use orbiting satellites to offer you reliable internet connections in rural areas or in areas that are hard to get or where cable and fiber internet is not available.

The Best Satellite Internet Providers In US

Viasat Satellite Internet

Speeds up to 100 Mbps

Star Rating

Customer Rating (3.9/5)

  • Quick Installation
  • 3-year Price Lock Guarantee
  • Fastest Satellite Internet in the U.S

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View Satellite Internet Plans From Viasat

Plan Price starting at* Speeds up to** Data Allowance Wi-Fi
Liberty 12 $50/mo Up-To 12Mbps 12 GB
Liberty 75 $75/mo Up-To 12Mbps 25 GB Built-in
Liberty 50 $100/mo Up-To 12Mbps 50 GB Built-in
Liberty 25 $150/mo Up-To 25Mbps unlimited Built-in

Who Should Hire For Internet Service From Satellite Providers?

Though a satellite connection for home internet is a considerably good option due to its reliability and upload and download speeds but frankly its a bit expensive than its cable and fiber counterparts. Your first priority should be cable or fiber internet providers as their internet plans cost less than the satellite providers. But if you reside in an area where cable and fiber internet is not available or if you have decided to live in an RV van then satellite internet is your best option.

Viasat covers almost every part of the populated area in the US which means that most RV parks also fall in its coverage area. So our recommendation is that you should consider Viasat internet offers for RV parks.

Benefits Of Satellite Internet For RV Vans

Faster Internet Speeds

Satellite providers offer faster internet speeds than a dial-up internet connection.

Coverage In Rural Areas

Satellite companies cover rural areas as well as areas that are hard to reach which make it a best option for RV vans to get internet services

Data Allowance

Internet data volumes from satellite providers range from 10 GB to unlimited which is efficient to most browsing and streaming.

Weather Impact

Satellite internet services get impacted from extreme weather conditions but only for temporarily in regards to longer outage from constructional accidents or wire cuts in case of cable and fiber internet services.

How To Cope With Low Data Caps

Most satellite providers offer low data caps as compared to cable and fiber internet providers which makes it hard for satellite internet consumers to watch and stream videos and music at high definition. So choose the standard definition while browsing the video or music sites and if you want to watch HD quality then you should wait for the “Bonus Zone” hours during which satellite companies offer no data caps limit.

Viasat internet offers a daily bonus zone starting from 3 am and to 6 am which gives you three hours daily to surf the internet and stream your favorite movies and music without worrying about data volumes. Viasat plans also include “Unlimited Silver 25” which offer unlimited data caps along with download speed up to 25 Mbps.

Frequently Asked Question About Satellite Internet Services

Which Satellite Internet Provider Is Best?

Viasat has been awarded the fastest residential satellite internet provider in the US with download speed up to 100 Mbps but this download speed varies from locations to locations. Be sure to check what download speed Viasat offers in your area.

Why Satellite Internet Is So Expensive?

Satellite internet is provided from satellites orbiting the earth and is made from very expensive hardware. Moreover, it takes millions of dollars to manufacture the whole system and millions more to launch it which adds in the cost of internet service.

Will Satellite Internet Work Anywhere?

A simple answer would be Yes as satellite internet providers have covered almost 98% of populated areas in the US which makes it safe to say that satellite internet is available in almost every part of the country.

Is Satellite Internet Good For Netflix & Other Streaming Services?

Not so much. All the streaming services offer HD content which consumes larger data volumes considering the fact that satellite providers offer limited data caps. However, if you decide to use the SD content or have an unlimited plan then you will have no issues with your data running low.

Do Satellite Companies Offer High Speed Internet?

Yes. Satellite providers offer high-speed internet to its consumers and are also in planning to enhance their internet speeds to accommodate larger customer needs.

Will Satellite Internet Work For Online Gaming?

Unfortunately, satellite internet is not good for online gaming as its high latency effects multi-player online gaming. However, turn-based online games are supported at the time.

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