Satellite TV

What Is Satellite TV & How It Works?

Satellite TV is a TV service where television programming is transmitted to a viewer’s location through a satellite orbiting the earth. This network consists of three main components, communications satellite, satellite antenna(or most commonly known as satellite dish) and low-noise block downconverter. being introduced in early 90s, satellite television was an expensive luxury which only appealed to the die-hard fans.

But as the years have passed, satellite television costs less and is getting more common in rural areas where cable and fiber tv providers haven’t reached yet. It is also gaining popularity because of it’s growing list of channel line-up that includes news, sports, movies and other entertaining channels as well as the quality of picture.

Top Satellite TV Provider In U.S

DIRECTV and DISHTV are only two main satellite tv providers in United States. There are some other options as well but they focus on a specific niche while these two companies offer a broad list of channel. We have partnered with DIRECTV to offer you best in the class TV services.

DIRECTV has more channel options in its list than DISH and is the only TV provider to offer NFL SUNDAY TICKET.
Availability, channels, and speeds displayed vary by location and are not guaranteed.

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Summary Of DIRECTV Packages

Package Price Channel Line-up Premium Channels
SELECT™ 155+ channels $4999 per month DIRECTV Select Free Premium Channels
ENTERTAINMENT 160+ channels $5499 per month DIRECTV Select Free Premium Channels
CHOICE™ 185+ channels $5999 per month DIRECTV Choice Free Premium Channels
XTRA 235+ channels $6999 per month DIRECTV Xtra Free Premium Channels
ULTIMATE 250+ channels $7499 per month DIRECTV Ultimate Free Premium Channels
PREMIER™ 330+ channels $12499 per month DIRECTV Premium Free Premium Channels

What Makes Satellite TV Better Than Cable TV?

While satellite TV and cable TV are popular choices among viewers because of TV packages and picture quality, there are still some significant differences between them. Satellite providers offer more premium channels than cable companies but their services are most likely to get effected by harsh weather conditions. However, these issues are temporarily and are likely to be resolved in shortest amount of time. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of satellite TV.


  • Availability – Satellite providers cover almost 98% of U.S populated area. While cable and fiber TV providers are limited to specific areas.
  • Channel Line-Up – Satellite providers offer more diversity in channel selections and premium channels than TV providers.
  • Picture Quality – Satellite TV is more likely to offer better picture quality due to its support of higher bandwidth and offer more 1080p HD channels.
  • Customer Service – DIRECTV has been given a score of 66/100 by American Customer Satisfaction Index for their outstanding customer support and complaints handling.


  • Service Interruptions – Extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, strong winds, snow or heavy clouds can abrupt your satellite signal which can lead to service outages. however, these issues are temporarily and are resolved in no time.
  • Term Contracts – When you sign up with a satellite provider, you have to sign a contract ranging from 1-2 years.
  • Equipment Installation – main component of a satellite TV is satellite receiver which needs to be installed on your roof. If you sign up with DIRECTV, equipment and installation charges are included in the package.

Bundle Satellite TV With Satellite Internet & Get Hefty Discounts

While neither the satellite TV providers offer internet services nor satellite internet companies offer TV services directly but most providers have partnered with each other to offer both TV & internet services at discounted prices. So you can enjoy high internet speed along with your favorite TV channels in an area where cable and fiber services are not available.

Frequently Asked Question About Satellite TV

Why Use Satellite Provider For TV Services?

If you live in a place where fiber and cable tv are not available or if you are living out of an RV then satellite internet is your best option. Also, satellite TV providers offer premium channels included in their packages with high picture and sound quality.

What Does A Satellite System Consist Of?

A satellite system consists of three main components, communications satellite, satellite receiver(or satellite antenna) and a low-noise block downconverter.

Do I Have To Install The Equipment Manually?

No, satellite companies offer installation services for you. Plus, the installation costs are included in the package.

Can I Record Programs With Satellite TV?

Yes, you can. Satellite TV companies offer DVR (Digital Video Recorder) bundled with their package which allows you to record your favorite TV programs. DIRECTV also offer a high quality DVR to its customer. Though it is not as good as Hopper 3 DVR from DISHTV but it still offers a great deal of value and can record up-to 5 shows at once.

Can I Get HD Channels With Satellite TV?

Yes, you can. infact, DIRECTV offers more than 160 HD channels so you can enjoy the true picture quality that you’ve always dreamed of.

Can I Get Satellite TV & Internet From Same Provider?

Satellite TV providers don’t offer internet services but have partnered with other satellite internet companies to offer you bundled packages for lesser prices.

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