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What Are The Qualities Of A Good TV Provider?


    • Channel Lineups

    The first thing that makes a TV provider best in the game is their channel selection. You might stumble upon some providers who have a large channel count but that doesn’t mean they have good channels too as some of them have more regional and music channels which are not something that you should pay for.

    DIRECTV and Frontier FiOS offer detailed information about channel availability in their packages. So go through their list of channels to find the premium channels that you love.

    • Bundling Options

    While cable TV service is still popular among many individuals, internet service has secured a place in our daily lives. But buying this service separately costs a lot of money. So look for companies that offer both services so you could save by bundling.

    And if you are interested in TV providers that offer high speed internet as well, see packages offered by DIRECTV and AT&T U-verse, Frontier FiOS and Viasat. Not only these companies offer best internet speeds & TV options but they also offer triple play packages which includes telecommunication services as well.

    • Service Area

    The next thing that makes TV providers best is their coverage area. and while we are talking about service area, DIRECTV is unbeatable with their satellite system which covers almost every inch of the united states.

    • Customer Service

    We all wish that we never have any issues with our TV service but that is not possible. Even the best cable companies get issues with their services from time to time. So tend to choose a provider that has a very cooperating customer support system.

    DIRECTV and Frontier FiOS help you to avoid long waiting time over phone by offering online support. These companies also have very detailed online knowledge bases with answers to the most commonly asked questions.

    Frontier FiOS goes one step beyond to help their customers by enabling them to request a call back at a certain time for their convenience.

    • Reliability

    No TV provider could call themselves error-free. Every TV service could see an outage due to several reasons. If we talk about satellite TV providers, the services are impacted by extreme weather conditions. Cable TV providers could get issues with construction accidents.

    So far, fiber tv networks have proven to be most reliable in the industry as they face no to little outage issues. And Frontier FiOS is top in the fiber TV providers.

    • Cost

    The next factor that plays an important for a provider to be best is the pricing. Truth to be told, TV plans can be confusing with package pricing and hidden monthly costs, additional fees for premium channels as well as charges for the equipment.

    DIRECTV and Frontier FiOS offer transparent pricing. Look for their pricing and which premium channels they are offering in their packages.

    • Customer Satisfaction

    Last but not least, The best TV provider tends to offer 100% customer satisfaction. Look for their rating and read their reviews to find out what experience other people had with them. has partnered with top of the industry cable TV providers who have garnered good ratings among their customers.

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Points To Be Taken In Consideration While Choosing A Provider


      • Service Type

      There are three service types for TV providers. Here we will discuss them in detail.

      • Cable TV providers user underground copper cable networks to send their signals to end receiver. While most homes have access to coaxial cables and get more reliable service, their service tends to get interrupted if these cables get cut in some construction accidents. In these cases, service is only restored when a cable has been fixed.
      • Satellite TV is comparatively more accessible due to dish TV receiver that can receive a signal from a satellite orbiting the earth. but even their services sometime face issues due to harsh weather. However, these issues are temporary and are short-lived.
      • Fiber TV providers use fiber cables to transmit signal to your television. While this method is more secure and fast, it is only available in limited metropolitan areas.
      • Installation Charges

      Most TV providers charge a fee for the installation of their equipment while some even charge for their equipment as well. These charges can go up to $100 but you can avoid paying these fees by getting bundled packages from the providers.

      • Equipment

      TV providers tend to offer high tech equipment like DVR to their customers but they also charge additional prices as we have discussed in the last point.

      So look for a provider that offers equipment prices included in their package so you can save a lot of money purchasing from them.

      • Contracts

      Many TV providers ask you to sign up for year-long contracts while some satellite providers go for two-year contracts. So if you are not a fan of long contracts or no contracts at all, Frontier FiOS is the best option for you as they have a no-contract policy.

      • Mobile Viewing

      Let’s just say you want to enjoy your favorite TV programs but don’t want to sit in front of a TV. The good news for you is that most TV providers offer streaming services like mobile apps and websites where you can watch all your favorite channels on your tablets and mobile devices. Be sure to check the information like how many channels are available in their app.

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